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Canada Post introduces a new 2019 rate category for a Mini Catalog – $.02 Postal Discount

Canada Post introduced a category for Personalized machineable mail.  They are defining it as printed matter with a list of items for sale containing item descriptions, item numbers and/or prices. A mini-catalog must contain a minimum of eight pages or panels (may include coupons or special offers) but still meet the specification of Machineable Standard […]


Canada Post issues new stamp for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Canada Post issued a new stamp with a photo of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The photo was taken by Chris Jackson in 2017. The Queen has appeared on many Canadian stamps as a princess and since her coronation in May 1953. The Maple-leaf brooch, depicted on the postal card example, is a piece of […]


Mexico says border wall would lead to flooding

Should a border wall be built between the U.S. and Mexico, flooding conditions could grow worse, Mexican officials believe, creating numerous delays in the process.


Delivery delays expected during Holy Week

With this being Holy Week for much of the world, international deliveries may take slightly longer to reach their intended destinations.


Southern Colombia socked by mudslides

Southern Colombia’s capital city was deluged with heavy amounts of precipitation April 1 that’s engulfed the region.