Canada Post introduces a new 2019 rate category for a Mini Catalog – $.02 Postal Discount

Canada Post introduced a category for Personalized machineable mail.  They are defining it as printed matter with a list of items for sale containing item descriptions, item numbers and/or prices. A mini-catalog must contain a minimum of eight pages or panels (may include coupons or special offers) but still meet the specification of Machineable Standard Lettersize Personalized Mail requirements.  Basic requirements are:  a maximum weight of 1.76 ounces, a maximum size of 6”W x 9.6”L x .2” thick – the fold of the catalog belongs along the bottom edge and must be sealed (glued or tabbed) on leading edge, or on the top and leading edge (diagram below).

Sealing Requirement Options

The postal discount in 2019 for the Mini Catalog Rate is $.02 each off of Machineable Standard Lettersize Personalized Mail rates.  Contact for more information if you have, or want to have, mini-catalogs going to Canada consumers!