Monthly Archives: July 2013


Pope's visit to Brazil prompts transportation delays

While national holidays delayed the movement of mail in Ecuador, Venezuela and other nations, postal services in Brazil were disrupted by a visit from Pope Francis, the Catholic Church’s first leader from Latin America.


Swearing in of new Belgian King could delay international postage

As a result of ceremonies related to Belgium’s Independence Day and the swearing in of a new King, Brussels Airport will be closed for an hour on Sunday, July 21. This may result in slight delays to international mail.


Greek postal workers strike as anti-austerity protests continue

Following the announcement of new austerity measures, postal workers and other public sector employees in Greece scheduled a 24-hour strike for July 16. According to Hellenic Post, the action will delay the collection and delivery of domestic and international mail by at least one day.


Flooding leads to widespread devastation, mailing delays in China

Since last weekend, heavy rains have bombarded vast parts of southwest China, causing extensive floods that have resulted in substantial damage to buildings and transportation infrastructure, as well as delays to the delivery and collection of domestic and international mail.