Monthly Archives: April 2013


U.S. Congress acts to end shipping disruption

In a simply worded press release put out on Saturday, the FAA noted that it has “suspended all employee furloughs.” This should end delays to international mail and passenger travel.


Lufthansa strike expected to affect international mail in Europe

The movement of international mail in central Europe will be disrupted early next week as a result of a strike called by the labor union Verdi, which is engaged in a long-running dispute with the German airline Lufthansa.


U.K. postal workers' strike will delay international postage

In the United Kingdom, the Communication Workers Union (CWU) has announced that its members will stage a half-day work stoppage on Friday, April 19. The strike is expected to have a relatively small impact on international postage.


2013 hurricane season expected to be especially active

Even though the winter is just winding down – and late-season storms are still causing transportation issues in Europe and North America – analysts are already releasing warnings about the potential for an unusually active hurricane season to disrupt global shipping later in the year.