Monthly Archives: February 2013


The dreaded earthquake-tsunami combo continues to threaten global shipping

When a powerful 8.0 magnitude earthquake was detected in the South Pacific on February 6, authorities throughout the region took the threat of a tsunami extremely seriously. Fears intensified rapidly in the hours after the quake, with more than three dozen aftershocks were detected.


Heavy snowfall causes delays and cancelations at South Korean airports

Starting late at night on Sunday, February 3, large parts of South Korea began to be hit with significant snowfall. Extremely low temperatures left a wet, thick blanket of snow on top of the country’s roads, bridges other transit systems.


New Zealand Post considering 'drastic' cuts to mail delivery

New Zealand Post recently announced that it is considering limiting mail delivery to just three times per week. Postal officials cited the rapidly declining volume of mail as the reason for the proposed reduction in delivery frequency.


Postal strike avoided in Bermuda

The Bermuda Sun, an online publication, reported that the Supreme Court has offered an injunction to the attorney general, which allows the system to prevent postal workers in Bermuda from going on strike.