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The rising cost of free shipping

The cost of free shipping from online retailers is on the rise, according to a study.

Qualifying for free shipping perks is becoming more expensive, according to new figures from StellaService, Inc. which found that companies like Amazon have raised the minimum basket total to qualify comped delivery.


Shipping carbon footprint may double by 2050

New figures show the global shipping industry's carbon footprint is comparable to that of Germany.

The global shipping industry emits as much greenhouse gas each year as a medium-sized developed nation, according to the International Maritime Organization.


eBay assigns vendors to Global Shipping Program

Ebay has opted sellers into a Global Shipping Program, allegedly without their consent.

In a controversial move, web retail giant eBay has opted sellers into its Global Shipping Program (GSP), which allows buyers from around the world to purchase items in the online marketplace.


South African postal workers continue strike

The strike has led to temporary closures of some post offices in Johannesburg.

South Africa is currently in the midst of an industrial strike at the Johannesburg International Mail Center (JIMC) office of exchange and some post offices in the Gauteng province.


Bpost to raise prices

Bpost will be increasing its rates in 2015.

Bpost has announced that it will be raising its prices, beginning in 2015.